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Company History

florida_color_printing_allan_boatThe concept of Florida Color Printing, Inc. came about as a result of founder Allan Everett’s love of art. As a young chemical engineer, he became a skilled illustrator in pen and ink as well as colored pencil, and had always thought how great it would be to make a living from making really cool artwork.

After selling his industrial machinery manufacturing and distribution company he spent most of the 1980s and early 1990s building, Allan and his wife Kathy took off for the Caribbean. Sailing from island to island for several years, he tried to picture “life after cruising.” Firmly committed to earning a living doing work he enjoyed, Allan settled into a career as a commercial artist: a graphic designer in today’s parlance. He wound up with commissions to create advertising and print collateral packages for several great clients in and around their new home, Stuart, Florida.

Toward the end of one rather frustrating job in early 2000, Allan realized that when he sent work out to be produced, he lost control of the creative process and the quality of his work — often to someone he didn’t even know. Because the machinery company he had worked so hard to build had served several of the largest printing companies in the world, Allan was already familiar with the mechanics of print production on a very large scale. So it dawned on him that melding his skill as an artist with the technical ability cultivated by years of education and experience in engineering could well be the answer he needed.

Allan acquired the machinery and equipment of three south Florida print shops, and Florida Color Printing, Inc. came into existence. Finally, he was able to create a job from a discussed concept and see it through personally to delivery as a finished piece.

Today, it is very much the same at Florida Color.

We design and produce the finest kinds of advertisements and printed materials. We specialize in Screen Printing, both of textiles and signage; Wide Format printing for signage, trade shows, and POP display; and Offset and Digital printing of every type of business need. We serve a broad customer base in every type of business from construction and the trades to manufacturing and publishing. And we do every bit of it in our own Stuart, Florida facility.

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