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Who We Are

Allan’s Story

florida_color_printing_allan_boatEngineer, sailor, pilot, graphic designer: that’s the short-form résumé of Florida Color’s big dog.

After a successful career with a Fortune 100 corporation in Memphis, he cashed out and started his own company, selling manufacturing gear and parts to industrial giants.

At the tender age of 34, he cashed out again, and headed south to the Caribbean with one hand on the tiller of a 48-foot ketch and the other on the hip of the estimable Kathy Jane Harwood, who would become his legal wife a number of years later.

The designer in Allan eventually won out over all the other personae, and he and Kathy settled in Stuart where he established a small print shop in 2000 to justify his need to make art.

Allan and Kathy are dog lovers, especially when it comes to Jack Russells. They currently share their home with three canine companions: Moxie (a/k/a The Moxitola), Dinky (who is a racist), and Chewie, who is not a Jack Russell, but does not need to be one. Moxie has been appointed Office Dog, but refuses to come to work.

Pawley’s Story

florida_color_printing_pawleyAs a direct descendant of the great bird who accompanied Cap’n Josh Ward on his travels between the inland plantations of coastal South Carolina and Georgetown in the late 1800s, Pawley knows the true story of how the soft, comfy hammock that gave him his name came to be. And for a price, he might tell you that story.

Pawley and Allan met at the Sundog Café in Rio Dulce one steamy Tuesday afternoon in the 1980s. Allan’s ketch was docked at Bruno’s and Pawley was working as a greeter bird at La Cabaña Del Viajero, but he had grown weary of the day in-day out routine of amusing tourists. When he heard Allan’s Tennessee drawl, he recognized a fellow son of the Old South, and struck up a conversation. A friendship was born that has endured to this day.

Thirty years later, Pawley learned that Allan had settled in Stuart and gone into the printing business. He knew his old pal would need some encouragement – and some guidance in navigating the choppy waters of the world of commercial color reproduction. As luck would have it, Pawley had retired not far away, at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands, but the place had turned into a magnet for a lot of annoying birds like owls and jays, so he was ready to move. With its strong commitment to environmental protection and laid-back ways, Martin County had great appeal to Pawley. He had some friends who belonged to a colony of Quaker parrots in Port Salerno and flew up to join them – and Allan.

Pawley’s Hammocks

The Wakodahatchee Wetlands

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